Apr 182010

Interior of Prima restaurant, Minneapolis. MNFOR FLAVORFUL AND AFFORDABLE Italian bistro fare at any hour, Prima of South Minneapolis is always a fantastico choice. Most of Prima’s tasty pasta dishes are $13.95 (there are also meat and fish dishes, panini, and antipasti), the service is swell, and the ambience is warm and convivial (if a bit elbow-to-elbow) in Prima’s arty faux-painted dining room just south of Minnehaha Creek.

Until recently, Prima offered a deal for fashionably late diners (namely, a “2 for $28” prix fixe seating) that made its fare something of a steal. But like all indie restaurants barely hanging on in a rough economy, Prima may have found its deal cut too deep. The good news is that Prima is still serving up 10 or so delectable pastas nightly at “everyday value” prices, including a marvelous butternut squash tortellacci that beats anything at the higher-profile (and dare we say overrated) Broder’s. It goes nicely with Prima’s delicious roasted pear salad.

Prima Italian Bistro | 5325 Lyndale Avenue S. (Boulevard Commons, two doors down from Kowalski’s market) | 612-827-7376

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  2 Responses to “Prima Bistro: Best Italian Fare in TC”

  1. So right about Broder’s. I used to love dining there, but I finally gave up after a few too many overcooked pastas and limp salads. I’m intrigued to read your rave review of Prima. It’s been highly recommended by friends too and I definitely am going to check it out. One of my coworkers reports an amazing lobster in cream sauce pasta dish.

    Really enjoying your site. Very smart and well done. I’ve already sent SpyTC links to a bunch of people who are sure to appreciate it. Impressive that you are real people with day jobs and can manage to put together a site so appealing and interesting. Hope you manage to keep updating it–I’ll definitely be back.

  2. Ditto re Broders, which used to be #1 in our book. What a disappointment, especially after a trip to Prima, the best Italian to fall under the radar. It’s very South Minneapolis (not an Italian in sight?), but we love Prima, especially its delectable pillows of pasta wrapped around oh-so-delicious (and healthy!) butternut squash and drenched in a slightly sweet, aromatically herbal butter sauce. And oh, the vegetariana, with its ever-so-slightly smoky roasted brussels sprouts and perfectly cooked pasta… and it’s all right across the street from one of Mpls’s great wine shops/liquor stores, South Lyndale (don’t be put off by the tacky exterior!) and just down the street from our beloved Kowalski’s Grocery (although we still like Lunds better)….. And I gotta say, for good Italian, you also can’t beat Al Vento (Nokomis neighborhood) and its tiny Lowry Hill/Hennepin Ave cousin, Rinata, former site of the late great Giorgio. Great deals, great happy hour! And on a good day, if you put on your Sarah Palin (ugh) 3-D rose-tinted glasses, you can almost see the former Burch Pharmacy from the front window!

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