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Spy Twin Cities, a Minneapolis/St. Paul Mingle-Mangle on TC History, Dining, & Culture

Think of Spy Twin Cities as an idiosyncratic chronicle of everyday adventures in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Farrago. Mingle-mangle. Oddments. SpyTC reflects the interests and sensibilities of one city dweller endlessly intrigued with the stories and places that make up the fabric of Twin Cities life.

In essence, I’m a hometown tourist given to capricious sampling of the cities’ everyday pleasures and amenities. I favor independent cafes and shops over chains, take a keen interest in city history and culture, seek out great restaurants that won’t break the bank, and keep an eye on the people and machinations of local politics. And yes, I sometimes gripe about the weather, potholes, lousy snowplowing, and Block E.

I like both to amble and tweet. I especially like exchanging stories and comparing notes on food, finds, and city life—and hope that Spy Twin Cities will be one of many catalysts for lively, interesting, and ever-widening conversations about all things Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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An independent, quirky, passion-driven mingle-mangle on Twin Cities life
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